My wife and I have had a wonderful experience dealing with Kim as
our mortgage broker. She has been incredibly diligent, informative, and
helpful throughout our mortgage renewal process. We were able to lower
our mortgage payment by almost 1/3, as well as saving interest charges
for a line of credit we consolidated with the mortgage. Discussions with
our bank (previous mortgage holder) about early renewal and
consolidation were not overly helpful or promising, and few options were
given. Kim was able to find a mortgage that, even with a largish penalty
for early renewal, still saves us substantially in the long run.

Kim shows a real dedication to researching the best mortgage for
her clients, and we will not hesitate to use her services again for our
next mortgage renewal!

— Mike & Julie Noble

While our mortgage turned out to be a bit more confusing and
challenging than usual — due to unforeseen circumstances — Kim handled
it all with ease and professionalism — to the point of even answering
our phone calls at inappropriate times due to our queries.

I am confident and comfortable recommending her services to anyone
needing a person on their team as they venture into buying a house and
getting the best rate going on their mortgage.

— K. Gillcash, Kamloops

Last year we relocated to Kamloops from another city and were left
with the task of buying a new home. We hired Kim as our mortgage broker
and could not have been happier! She helped out all along the way and
was always available to us. My husband and I were in 2 different cities
while purchasing — which made it quite difficult at times — but Kim was
right there to help. My husband and I give Kim an A++.

— Carrie & Darren, Kamloops

Kim was recommended to us, and we were lucky enough to have such a
great mortgage broker. Being first time buyers, Kim was extremely
knowledgable and helped answer all of our many questions throughout the
buying process, while finding us a low rate at the same time. We were
very happy with Kim and would not hesitate to use her services again.

— Anjie & Tyler, Kamloops

We had a great experience obtaining our mortgage through Kim. We
purchased a home while it was still under construction at Sun Rivers and
there were months of delays in the construction. This caused us a lot of
stress as the possession date kept changing. Kim assisted us along the
way and gave us confidence that the financing was under control
regardless of the delays. She was patient and professional and on a
personal level she was kind and reassuring. We’re happy to say we are
finally in our beautiful, new townhome and it was worth the wait. Thank
you Kim for hanging in there with us. We really appreciate your service!

— Richard & Roberta